OFFER - Diesel Electric Pump 70 L/Min

Electric pump with flow rate of 72 L / Min from Adam Pumps with the following characteristics:


  • Flow rate: 70 l / min
  • Pressure max: 2 bari
  • Current max: 2A
  • Maximum suction length: 3m
  • On/Off Switch
  • Operating Temperature min -20°C
  • Operating Temperature max 50°C
  • Motor weather protection rating IP 55
  • Voltage 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Sound Level 80 dB
Adast fuel dispensers
We are now working together with Adast Systems and supplying their complete line of fueling equipment alongside our own. We are also offering all our own fuel dispensers equipped with original Adast hydraulics. It's the best fuel delivery hydraulics in the world, providing top precision and long life even in the harshest operating conditions.
Our LPG bottle filling station has been approved by ISCIR
To obtain the technical approval required for selling LPG bottle refills (V.max = 26l), operators will need to apply directly to ISCIR. Application papers will need to include documentation conforming to PT CR4-2009, Annex 3, of the latest ISCIR guidelines.
We are MID certified
Fami Electronic SRL has been awarded the MID certification in conformity with the 2004/22/EC metrological directive of the European Commission. We are thereby the first Romanian manufacturer of fuel distribution equipment that is cleared for export and use within the territory of the European Union. We are delighted by this new development because it's a vote of confidence for the quality of service and craftsmanship in the products we offer.

We would like to encourage you to consult our online catalog and to tell us about your fuel delivery needs. All the best!
Vehicle Identification, EX Manual Pumps, and Aircraft Refueling Stations
As we are approaching a new year, we would like to present 3 new products for your future fuel delivery projects.

1. Vehicle identification for fueling stations

The system is able to recognize vehicles at the pump through a magnetic ring mounted on the tank inlet. It serves companies with considerable fleets and self operated fueling stations, as well as retail station operators who offer loyalty programs to their company clients.

Each dispensing nozzle can be equipped with a wireless ring reader, which will relay data to the site controller. The driver will only be able to tank vehicles that are known to the system and only in the limits that have been preset by the customer (fuel type, maximal volume). If the vehicle also carries a Vehicle Module (optional), then the customer may set a minimum distance covered between refills.

The system software manages fueling processes and handles ring programming, report printing, and the management of vehicle and client databases. If it is coupled with our station management software, any changes to the vehicle and client lists or to the fueling rules is propagated instantly throughout the network of stations.

2. EX manual transfer pumps

Few manual transfer pumps carry an anti-ex certificate for gasoline, and among them, the K10C is the best built. Choose to order it along with an antistatic hose in the desired length, and you will enjoy complete security when transferring gasoline products. The pump is manufactured in Germany and delivers 0,25 liters / action.

3. Aircraft refueling stations

These are similar to our mini-stations, but specially built for the requirements of aircraft refueling. The 5000 liter tank and hydraulics (including joints) are made from stainless steel, and so are the EX level indicator with external display, the ZVA 25 Slim Line fueling nozzle with grounding, and the self-retracting hose reel. The 25m long antistatic hose carries a fluorescent side stripe that makes it easy to see at night. The transfer pump delivers 70 liters / min and is EX certified. As a complete ensemble, the equipment occupies minimal space and can be easily relocated on site as needed.

As always, we encourage you to consult our online catalog and to tell us about your fuel delivery needs.
We will happily provide a quick and useful response.

Happy New Year!

The Fami Electronic Team
Our new website is up and running!
We are happy to announce that our new website is up and running.

We've worked relentlessly together with web professionals to design a great experience for our customers. The new web presence follows a simple set of core values, in resonance with our company's personality:

- friendly and clear communication
- ease of use
- precise results and competent support

Let's walk through. The front page is the place where we showcase our most recent developments and the current specials. Your first stop is probably going to be the "products" tab, which will lead you to a complete overview of our equipment and services. Additionally, the "clients" tab reveals recently completed projects and promotes real success stories.

We encourage you to get in touch for additional information. Our order and contact page fully explains how you can reach us. We will provide a competent reply in the shortest time possible, most often within the same day.

We are working continuously to upload our product catalog, and would like to keep our clients in the loop. Once a month, we send out a short newsletter about recent developments. You are very welcome to sign up through the form on our homepage.

Thank you for reading, and please have a look at Fami Electronic's new website.


The Fami Electronic Team

P.S. While we are adding new products from our catalog, you might come across a "webpage not available" message. We apologize, and we'll certainly add the item you are searching for eventually. Until then, you are welcome to contact us with your inquiry.

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