5 reasons you should work with us





Personal solutions.
We listen to your requirements and provide the product you need. If it is not in the catalogue, we will build it for you. Of course, according to governing rules and legislation. We encourage you to contact us with any project so that we may find a solution together.

Permits and certificates.
Our products are fully compliant with European and Romanian legislation. That includes the MID (2004/22/EC), INSEMEX (National Institute of Research and Development for Mining Security and Explosion Protection), ISCIR (State Inspection for the Control of Boilers, Tanks under Pressure and Lifting Installations), BRML (Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology), and AACR (Romanian Civil Aviation Authority) approvals necessary to manufacture, install and service fuel distribution equipment. We also maintain an EN ISO 9001-2008 and EN ISO 14001-2005 compliant quality and environmental protection process in our design and production.

European company.
Romania is part of the European Union and we abide by the same rigorous legislation as western states such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. That means our products pass the same safety, durability, and precision tests. But we are also able to translate the lower cost of highly skilled Romanian labor into a lower priced product of the same high European quality. This way, we can accrue the most value to our customers.

Flexible payment arrangements.
For high value projects, you may opt for lease payments at conveniently arranged intervals.

We have successfully carried out numerous complex projects for big oil companies as well as fleet operators and individual consumers, and we invest all our know-how into each new project. Our advantage as equipment manufacturer, unlike competitors in retail, is that we are able to customize and combine products, while also providing fast and competent technical assistance.